we only have one chance on this Earth...

I suggest you boogie!


Berkita Bradford loves working in higher education with college students between the ages of 18 and 22. She's particularly good at relationship building, mentoring, teaching, and information gathering. She was referred to me by my dear friend, Sherrie Tennessee when she realized the need for personal branding images to promote her speaking engagements. Berkita wanted new photos that showed her fun and creative side, while also being polished and professional. I was so glad she made the trip from Richmond, VA for updated headshots in my studio. Read about her photo session below.

behind the shoot w/Berkita

We like to have fun at our shoots. Here's the proof.


Q. How are you using the photos from our session?

A. As a professional headshot for social media such as LinkedIn, professional media.. such as speaking engagements, presentations, and websites for professional boards

Q. What kind of feedback have you gotten since updating your photos?

A. Literally EVERYONE loves my photos! They think they’re great but more importantly, everyone feels LaKaye captured my personality and my photos look like me. I recently received an award and when I went to the registration table to check in.. the person working immediately said.. you look just like your picture.

Q. Why is having professional photography important to you?

A. In today’s world, one never knows where your photo may show up. Since I can’t necessarily determine where my photo shows up. At minimum, I want a quality photo that represents me in a professional manner but also is complimentary.

Q. What problem did having professional images solve?

A. I am no longer stressed when I have to submit a professional photo. I can simply send my photo with confidence. I don’t have to go looking for a photo.. I don’t have to worry about taking a photo and I also know the quality is acceptable.


Q. What do you love to do?

A. Listen to audiobooks, music, and travel.

Q. What does the world need more of?

A. Compassion, understanding, and tolerance of others.

Q. Who or what inspires you and why?

A. I am inspired by individuals that overcome obstacles of no fault of their own and succeed in spite of… while remaining positive.

Q. Do you have a quote or personal motto that you live by?

A. Yes, it’s my personal quote, we only have one chance on this Earth... I suggest you boogie!

Q. What are your other hobbies and interests?

A. Dining out and documentaries

This outfit totally wasn't planned. But it showed so much of her personality and style. It was one of the first shots we took, and we loved it! It's totally OK to go casual if it makes sense for you and your audience.

This outfit also wasn't planned, but it's one of my favorites. She just happened to have it in the car after picking it up from the cleaners. Note to Self: Remain flexible!

bringing it all together

Q. Where are you from and where do you live now?

A. Louisiana, Richmond, Virginia

Q. Where can people find you? (Social Media Handles/Website/LinkedIn/Etc.)

A. LinkedIn- Berkita S. Bradford, PhD / @DrBeeBrad- Twitter

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

A. I was hesitant to purchase professional photos. I don’t really care about dressing up and putting on makeup. I looked at a photo shoot as being somewhat superficial. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was also concerned about the cost. HOWEVER! It was an AWESOME experience… everything was professional, I was comfortable and the price was definitely justified.

I invite my clients to bring in something a little fancier. Once your makeup is done, you might not be ready to let go of your star persona. I love this stunning black dress with the sequin details!

want to book your own shoot?

Berkita's photoshoot took place in my photography studio in Park Place, which is a historic neighborhood in Norfolk, VA. Makeup was provided by the talented Candace Weather and my amazing assistant, Michelle Breece, captured the behind-the-scenes footage. To book your own session, visit my contact page to book a consultation call.