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Crissie Hall is one of my clients from Milwaukee, WI who currently lives in Chesapeake, VA.  She is passionate about healthcare equity and she supports causes that reach communities to provide health services. Her strong belief is that healthcare should be a fundamental human right, and not a privilege.

Crissie's session was so fun. We put on some Earth, Wind & Fire and pretty much danced for the entire shoot. She was candid about her hesitancy towards being photographed, but I think these images are absolutely stunning! My makeup artist and I agreed that she gave us vibes of a certain Hollywood actress. (Leave a comment with your best guess for which celebrity we said she looks like.)

As with most of my clients, it had been years since she had a professional portrait taken. Those are my favorite kinds of clients. We had so much fun! Read below to find out about her experience.


Q. How are you using the photos from our session?

A. As headshots professionally

Q. What kind of feedback have you gotten since updating your photos?

A. That they are stunning!

Q. Why is having professional photography important to you?

A. In my profession, I work with a lot of people and speak all over the world. Having professional photography is a key piece of my bio - it's often the first thing someone sees of me.

Q. What problem did having professional images solve?

A. Less of a problem, but more of elevating my personal brand


Q. What do you love to do?

A. Travel

Q. What does the world need more of?

A. Sounds cheesy, but love and acceptance! An ability to appreciate people for who they are.

Q. Who or what inspires you and why?

A. When I see or read about everyday acts of kindness from random people. Gives me hope for humanity.

Q. What do you do for fun? / What do you do to relax?

A. Fun - run, read, travel, and cook. If I didn't have to work for a living, I'd cook! To relax - I honestly struggle with learning HOW to relax. So I don't really have an answer for that.

Q. Do you have a quote or personal motto that you live by?

A. Love the skin you're in!

Crissie's Personal Branding Session

What a day!

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Makeup by Candace Weather// IG: @candiepaintbeauty

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Crissie Hall

“It can seem scary to do (I know I was very nervous), but LaKaye made the process fun and silly”

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