Monet’s recipe for success

Monet owns a home-based, minority-owned small dessert treat-making business in Norfolk, Virginia. Her business, Marvelous Munchies by Monet, caters to the dessert treat lover who enjoys delicious treats for special occasions or just because they want to satisfy their sweet tooth. Monet is a dream client and I absolutely love her smile! I resonated with her desire to grow her creative business and I can personally attest to how delicious her baking is. I hired her to bake cookies for my daughter's 10th birthday party and they were beautiful and literally the BEST sugar cookies I've ever tasted. Even the frosting (which I usually scrape off because it tastes too artificial) was good!

Monet was kind enough to share a little bit about her business and what brings her joy. Read more about the tasty treat maker below:




Q. What do you love to do?

A. I enjoy being in the kitchen! I love how food can bring everyone together and being a part of the eye roll, of satisfaction when a person takes that first bite.

Q. What does the world need more of?

A. Love, unconditional love with a side of sprinkles! Because sprinkles makes everything better!

Q. Who or what inspires you and why?

A. My kids inspire me. They make me feel limitless! No matter how crazy the adventure, they cheer me on no questions asked!

Q. Do you have a quote or personal motto that you live by?

A. Eat dessert first!

Q. What are your other hobbies and interests?

A. I enjoy fitness, specifically high intensity interval training (HIIT), cross fit, spinning, and powerlifting.

Let’s talk about your photoshoot

Q. How are you using the photos from your session?

A. I'm using my photos on my Instagram page to market my business.

Q. What kind of feedback have you gotten since updating your photos?

A. Every time I post a photo from my photography shoot, my engagement increases! I also get several in person compliments and inquiries about who completed my photos, and of course without hesitation I make that referral!

Q. Why is having professional photography important to you?

A. Professional photography is important to me, because I wanted a certain level of charisma portrayed in my photos.

Q. What problem did having professional images solve?

A. Having professional photos allowed me to not only showcase my personality, but it also captured my desserts.

business Branding video

marvelous munchies by monet

Monet wanted to create an awareness campaign for her business, which would introduce new clients to her and build trust with her current clients. Our plan for her shoot included portraits, action shots, product photography and video. We chose colors for the clothing and treats that matched her branding materials and Monet brought along some props, sprinkles and frosting. We created a mini-set at the studio with some bright dishware I brought from home along with a few of Monet's undecorated treats. She also brought her daughter, which was a happy surprise! We added her daughter to a few of the shots and they are now a fun keepsake from this time in their lives. The result was a variety of gorgeous photos that allowed her to rotate images for months without being repetitive.

I also really enjoy assisting new business owners with their marketing. We met again after her shoot and discussed her Instagram Plan, which included a series of hashtags, colors to stick to, a posting schedule and an overview of my favorite scheduling apps. I have a degree in Publications Design, so I really enjoy flexing those skills as well. I'm thinking about offering this service in a more official capacity. I would love to hear from you if you think you'd need a service like that. After all, marketing is crucial to every business, and social media has worked wonders for so many! Let’s work together and take your business to the next level.


From Monet

“More than just photos, my photo shoot was an experience! LaKaye with her unwavering personality and vibe unleashed my beauty and fire within. For the first time, my dilemma was that there were too many photos that I loved to choose!”