The boss of boundaries

Shatara is a relationship and boundaries coach living in Chester, VA. She teaches young adult women how to set boundaries so that they can lead with confidence, live a purposeful life, and cultivate healthy relationships. She’s also the author of “The Magic of Getting Uncomfortable: 8 Strategies to Help You Forgive Yourself and Others While Setting Boundaries to Elevate Your Confidence.” She loves teaching and working with young women between 25 and 30.

Photographing Shatara was like taking pictures of one of my own relatives. The session was super fun and we even got to play with some fantasy makeup and create some unique portraits towards the end of her session. The session was scheduled near her birthday, so we spent some time taking some extra fun photos too.



What made us super excited for Shatara’s shoot was her willingness to experiment. She was planning to release a major project-her book- and she knew she needed professional photos for her social media marketing. She was also able to use one of the photos on the cover of her book. Shatara’s package included digitals and printed folio prints. The benefit to folio prints is that you can frame them or keep them tucked away for viewing privately.

Q&A With Shatara

What makes you happy?

Q. What do you love to do?

A. Spend time with family!

Q. What does the world need more of?

A. Peace

Q. Who or what inspires you and why?

A. Issa Rae, Pinky Cole, & Quinta Brunson They’re confidence and their ability to achieve their goals.

Q. Do you have a quote or personal motto that you live by?

A. “Everything I desire I already have.“

about the photography session

Q. How are you using the photos from our session?

A. To promote my book and coaching program. I’m also using my photos to revamp my website.

Q. What kind of feedback have you gotten since updating your photos?

A. A lot!! “They’re beautiful.” “Who was your photographer?” “This looks natural.”

Q. Why is having professional photography important to you?

A. So that I can look appealing to my audience but feel confident in my abilities to be a coach and a author.

Q. What problem did having professional images solve?

A. Confidence and self image

We covered all bases, from lifestyle-type images to glamorous images with her face covered in pearls. I have a few wardrobe items that I keep in my studio for special clients to add to their existing selection. The red dress I had at the studio fit Shatara like it was made especially for her. When people take the time to get makeup and hire a photographer, I always present the opportunity to include a dream look that’s just for fun. My awesome makeup artist did an outstanding job of placing those tiny embellishments.

We’re always ready for a fantasy shoot! Leave us a comment and let us know an idea for your dream photoshoot.

The boss of boundaries

image reveal video

where to find shatara

IG / @thebossofboundaries

Facebook / Shatara De’Nay


From Shatara

“You made me feel so comfortable with my photo shoot. Everything was so professionally done and I feel like I have an extended family 🙌🏽. I can’t wait to do another photoshoot!”