About Me

LaKaye & Maya

My very first shoot of my best friend, Leslie, was awesome. I don’t know if it was talent or pure luck, but that one shoot changed my course of action for good. From there I took a basic photography class and fell in love with developing B&W fim in the darkroom and taking portraits. The rest of my college years were spent chasing my friends around campus with my camera in hand trying to recreate iamges I’d seen in magazines.
Although, I started shooting in college and got my first “real” photography job at Walmart/KMart portrait studios soon after, it’s taken several years and a layoff to bring me to who I am now. A Full-Time Photographer.
I Love Photography! I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE! And if I weren’t a photographer, I would probably still carry my camera with me everywhere and take photos that help me keep my memories alive.
LOVE: Magazines, Travel, Music, Ourdoor festivals, African Dance, Beaches, Dark Chocolate, Comedies
NO THANKS: Movies that make me cry, Shrimp, Roller Coasters, Mean People

Portrait Photography by LaKaye Mbah

Hi there!

 For years I specialized in photographing studio and lifestyle portraits of women, couples and families. I loved offering women makeup and hairstyling by professional artists and then attempting to take the best photos they’ve ever seen of themselves. 

These days, I find myself being drawn to teaching enthusiastic photographers who are intimidated by their cameras. There are no secrets in photography, but I’m patient and remember what it’s like to be overwhelmed by dozens of buttons and settings.

I’ve been a photographer for over twenty years, and I’ve been teaching photography to adults on the college level and with one-on-one since 2009.

In my spare time, I spend waaaay too much time on pinterest and I enjoy taking long walks on the beach. (No really, I do!) I’m also pursuing my Master’s of Fine Arts and loving on my daughter, Maya, who is a handful and the most wonderfully important part of my life.

Client Testimonials

Janet Garcia TestimonialMy biggest fear was really not knowing a person and wondering what the experience would be like. What I enjoyed was the pampering of the Hairstylist and the Makeup Technician. Then add in the dress changes and the entire photo shoot and it was a pleasant experience.

Janet G. Hampton Roads, VA