Michele & Jason’s Wedding Reception – McCormick & Schmicks at Pier 5, Baltimore

As Michele would say “Who-da thunk it?” My very own friend and second shooter, Michele Holcombe, is now Michele Conaway!!!!

Michele found her prince and I’m especially pleased to make this post because I can’t think of anyone I’m happier for. The two lovebirds were each other’s first loves and even attended each other’s proms. After years of separation, they found each other again. Their first meeting after several years only helped re-ignite the fires of their youthful love affair. Watching the two of them proves that love lasts and they are still head over heels for each other.

The couple decided to celebrate their union at a private ceremony and invited her closest friends (including moi!) for a reception at McCormick & Schmicks. Then Michele got to be the photo subject as I chased the two of them around the pier for post-celebration photos. I don’t know Jason well (yet!) but I can tell that they’re an ideal pair. He’s tall, cool and handsome, but still relaxed enough to laugh at Michele’s sassy jokes and tell some of his own.

Congratulations to you both!


I was looking at some of your older work and its amazing how far you have come with your pictures!

Sherrie Smith Greene

I just found out that you got married!!! I am sooo happy for you! I am sitting here crying looking at these pictures. The pictures are just beautiful. I can feel your happiness. This is proof that a girl can get her happily ever after. You deserve this day of happiness and may you receive many more to come.

Marthann W. Davis

Oh this just took my breath away…so beautifully done. Michelle and Jason, may you continue to be bless with love understanding of each other’s needs.


Great job Ms. Lady

Michele I didn’t know you were getting married but these photos are a beautiful suprise! La Kaye you did an amazing job as usual. Congrats Michele, I hope you and Jason have a lifetime of love and happiness together.

Thanks Iris! She was smiling all day long. I’d be surprised if her cheeks didn’t still hurt!

Congratulations Michele & Jason!




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