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I can waste and entire day on Pinterest. What I love most about it is connecting with people from other areas who have the same visual interests as I do. Recently, I happened to catch a pin made by one of my former coworkers. It was a beautiful series of first look photos and she commented that she wasn’t sure if she should consider it for her wedding next year. My comment to her? DO IT!

I always try and convince my wedding couples to do a first look if they’re not too traditional. First, the surprise of the first time they see each other becomes a private, tender moment instead of public. Plus, the make-up is still fresh. If you’ve scheduled an evening wedding, you get portraits when natural light is still available. Also, once you get that initial look out of the way, you get to relax during the ceremony because some of the pressure is off. And finally, from a selfish standpoint, I get to spend more time on the beautiful, glamorous couple photos instead of doing them after the ceremony when everything is rushed.
But with all that said, it’s your wedding and whatever the two of you are comfortable doing is what matters most!


Here’s a photo from one of my Maryland weddings. I hope to do more first looks in Hampton Roads.



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