Six Awesome Wedding Cakes (and the people who love them)

Back in the day, it was traditional to break a cake over a woman’s head to celebrate the new union. Thankfully, times have changed and traditions have mellowed. But people are still crazy about their cakes and they spend days or weeks researching themes, looking for bakers and tasting different flavors (the best part!)

Here are a few cakes that I loved and the people who loved their cakes.

#1 Autumn-Inspired Cake. It’s Smashing!

I love this wedding cake because orange is one of my favorite colors. The roses that decorate the cake were so vibrant and helped add to the glamour of the day. I also prefer cakes made with real frosting over the easily moldable, but overly sweet fondant. So while the cake was gorgeous and glamourous, the best part was when the couple smashed each other in the faces! That almost never happens! SWEET!

#2 The Picturesque Cake

This cake was adorable because it featured photos from their youth as well as photos of Jade’s daughter. The writing around the bottom was so romantic and featured words like “Beloved” and “Be Mine”.

#3 Vegan Extravaganza!

I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a veganaphobe. I can live without meat, but the thought of giving up cheese for the rest of my life is threatening. And don’t try to pursued me with your lackluster and un-melting vegan cheese…There’s nothing like the real thing. HOWEVER, this is the BEST WEDDING CAKE I’ve had the pleasure of wrapping my lips around! It was moist delicious carrot cake with some kind of delicious icing. (It’s usually cream cheese, right?) If I had remembered, I would have stopped by their house on their anniversary to get a slice of the top tier!

#4 Tower of Cupcakes

Julie & Joe-Mount Vernon, Baltimore, MD

I’ve seen good, bad and ugly cupcake towers.

This one was great in my opinion. It wasn’t masquerading as a wedding cake and the bride and groom didn’t even cut or feed each other from the tower. (Their friend, pictured above, lovingly placed each one.) What they did do, however is make sure they ordered the most delicious chocolate and coconut-flavored cake they could find. I think I overheard a guest say that he was there for the cupcakes!

#5 Pink and the City

For some reason, this cake makes me think of Sex and the City. It’s girly, but the black around the tiers gives it a distinct edge. The couple is a little edgy too, so it fit perfectly. (Check out her sassy 2nd dress of the evening. Very SJP!) I also like it because the cake artist did a great job of adding the flowers. They almost look like pop art and I think they’re tastefully placed.

#6 Gorgeous Cake = Happy Couple!

Michelle & Adrian-Pier 5, Baltimore, MD I have fond memories of this cake because I watched as the day-of coordinator nervously placed each one of the roses. They wanted so much for the bride to be pleased with the flower arrangement that they took several minutes to place each one. In the end, I think it worked out very well, the placement is very balanced and the roses look gorgeous with the contrasting brown piping of the cake.

Who designs the best cakes of all time?

Kim Bey

Yaaaay, the Sacred Destiny cake made the cut!!!!

Okay Lakaye, I have to hunt down my baker and get you a vegan carrot cake!!! I will email you her information. She was so sweet. You will love her!


I think the only one of these I tasted was the carrot cake. I STILL think about that cake. Kim, if you see this, who was the baker?!?

The best non-vegan cake I ever had was actually from Charm City Cakes. Duff knows his stuff!





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