Newton White Mansion | Kim & Ziah’s Beautiful Union

She likes them! She likes them! 

I sat in the living room with my business partner Michele and the bride and groom enjoying a bagel with avocado and vegan cream cheese spread. I was nervous as H-E-double-hockey-sticks to show the couple the photos from their wedding, even though I knew they rocked. I wasn’t concerned about the image quality or the presentation that Michele & I worked hard to put together. It’s just that you want the newlyweds to be overjoyed when they see their photos for the first time.

There’s an extra dose of nerves when the bride and groom are accomplished artists and a double-whammy when the bride is a good friend. Thankfully, the photos were gorgeous-due in part to an incredibly attractive couple and a beautiful ceremony. Thank you Ziah & Kim for letting us share in your day!


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Kim Bey

I don’t know why you were nervous!! LOL!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful and you captured the essence of the wedding and our love perfectly! It could not have been anyone but YOU shooting our wedding!!!!!!

Lakaye this wedding was BEAUTIFUL!

Excellent job lady!




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Happy Mother’s Day!