Happy Anniversary Keshia & Nikos!- Waterworks, Philadelphia

Earlier this month, my friend Keshia celebrated her one year anniversary with her long time sweetheart Nikos. They had a gorgeous ceremony at the very beautiful Waterworks Restaurant and Lounge. I was just talking to my friends about how much I love Philly and I really had a wonderful time shooting this wedding.

I met Keshia yeeeeaaarsss ago at Hampton University. (Don’t even get me started on my HU pride!) We spent many a weekend dancing at various parties and almost every day eating the “delicacies” of the Hampton large cafeteria. I think the fact that HU now has a Chic-fil-A on campus deprives students of this crucial bonding moment of complaining about horrible cafeteria food.

The coolest thing I got to shoot at this wedding was the first look.

That’s where the bride and groom choose see each other before the wedding. We tried to cover Keshia behind her flowers as Nikos was coming to see her to keep the element of surprise. I love doing those because they get to share that emotion together without everyone watching and it saves tons of time after the ceremony because the group photos are done beforehand. It was so sweet.

The second thing I remember was the incredible music. It probably has to do with the fact that Niko is a DJ (hooray for house music!) When Keshia walked down the aisle to Jamiroquai, my absolute favorite band, I almost shed a tear. And of course the reception music was fantastic.




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