Adrian & Michelle’s Enchanted Evening – Pazo, Baltimore

Adrian and Michelle met a friend for dinner at the beautiful Pazo tapas restaurant in Baltimore, MD this past Friday. My second shooter and I showed up an hour early to grab good seats and to pretend like we were regular guests, trying not to ruin the hours of hard work that Adrian and the staff prepared.

Pazo is a gigantic gorgeous space that’s somehow made cozy by the candlelight, and warm-colored furniture.

It’s dimly lit and completely sexy, perfect for a certain surprise Adrian cooked up.

Watch what happens…

For extra fun, I created this stylized version in iMovie.

Enchanted Evening at Pazo from LaKaye Mbah on Vimeo.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated!


Awww! That was a sweet idea, I might have to steal it. Lol. But the pictures are AMAZING! 🙂

Yes it was awesome!


This is sooooo cool!

Thanks Miss Kelly!

What a fantastic idea, and you really captured that intense joy, and surprise! I love the slideshow video you put together – it works so swell because it is such a cinematic experience for these moment by moment photos.

Love the mostly ambient light, too. It works well for this restaurant. Nice work La Kaye! (and second!)

Thanks Lindsay! The slideshow took a million trillion hours to figure out. But I’m so pleased with the results.




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