Casual Family Session – Two Divas and a Little Lady!

There is never a dull moment with my cousin Kia and her lovely daughters, Tierra and Terryn.  In their family portrait session, shot in my studio, the ladies each had a chance to express their individuality through their style and pictures.  Working with each of them was a pleasure – there was an immense amount of fun in all of them.  With it being just us girls, the shoot was hours of creativity exploding through the room, giving each of them their own time to shine before coming together for some beautiful family pictures.

The family session not only gave me a chance to play around with new lighting in my studio, but also allowed me to relax and truly enjoy time with my cousins. What an awesome shoot.

Can’t see it on my website? Try here: The Shambry Women – Two Divas and a Little Lady!




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