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JoAnn and John Celebrate their Anniversary | Mt. Vernon, Baltimore

When JoAnn contacted me about having photos taken for her anniversary, she mentioned bringing her dog. I’m more of a cat person, so all I could picture was the couple showing up with their ferocious animal and having to mask my fear as it bared it’s teeth to show me it was in charge. Well, […]


A Glimpse of Charles & Marnie’s Wedding | The Belvedere, Mt. Vernon, Baltimore

While trying to come up with a clever new heading for my photo previews to replace “sneak peek” I came up with some interesting combinations. bank ach department The thesaurus pointed me to some not-quite-right options, including “ambush snoop”, “case gander” and “creep looksee”. While colorful, I don’t think they allude to the dynomitosity (not […]


Julie & Joe’s Wedding – Peabody Court Hotel, Baltimore

I think that if I ever get married, I want a very small wedding with only my closest friends and family around. bank ach department I’ve attended so many awesome weddings, but there is something about the intimacy of a small wedding that really appeals to me. Julie and Joe officially wed in a small […]

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