Tales From the Set – Search for Hampton Roads Makeup Artists | Pt 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m searching for a new makeup artist who will work with me as I continue to grow as a photographer. There have been three so far who have challenged and changed me for the better. The second artist is Mindy Pearmon and The MnE team. Here is some of our work together:

Mindy and her best friend E came into my life when I was pregnant and losing my passion for photography somewhat. My friend and make-up artist, Wendy, had moved to Philadelphia to start her family and I wasn’t shooting often. It wasn’t that I stopped loving photography, I had just stopped experimenting. I began working with MnE Creative Productions as my belly began to grow and we clicked as a team. I’ll never forget the advice Mindy gave me: “Each photoshoot needs to have a mood.” Before working with her, I never pre-planned and conceptualized photoshoots. I always suspected that my work lacked something and that was it! She also taught me the importance of networking in order to gain access to special locations and shooting for fun’s sake.

As you can see, my work changed dramatically while working with them. I had been focussing on making pretty pictures, but without thought and planning behind the shoot, my images remained standard. I’m still working on creating a mood with all of my images and her advice will forever be in my head.

Mindy is one of my only friends I could not force to do a photoshoot with me! LOL! However, she hired me to take photos of her parent’s vow renewal and here is one of the only photos I have of her alone!Mindy Pearmon of MnEThank you Mindy for helping me grow! I’m still waiting on our shoot! (You too E!)




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