Tales from the Set Pt 3 | Superstar Makeup Artist Kishinna Fields Saves the Day!

First of all, I owe a humongous THANK YOU to my personal cheerleader and cousin, Kianté, for introducing me to her BFF, Kishinna.

It is a little hard for me to write this post because this lady has had a huge impact on my life over the last year, and it crushed me that she had to leave. I know, I know, it’s all in God’s plan and stuff. But still it’s HARD! Her husband got a huge promotion in Florida and many doors will be opened for them. Thankfully, I’ve convinced her to do a few more shoots when she visits the area!

Kishinna and her husband, John, allowed me to take a few picks about a year ago. I’ll just let their hotness speak for itself.

As you can see, Kishinna is/was a professional a model, and it was so helpful to have her on the set when looking for posing ideas. Together, we decided to do as many shoots as we could handle and really pushed each other to grow. We had a great workflow and she was fantastic to work with.

If you’ve been following my work for the last few months, then you’ve seen how amazing Kishinna is at what she does. I appreciate her work so much because even though the women have on lots of makeup, they still look like themselves-just a FLAWLESS version of themselves. It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s very hard to do! I’ve seen her mix custom colors for clients and make everyone feel welcome. Another thing she does that I truly appreciate, is that she studies what she wants to do ahead of time and gathers photos for inspiration. She does her homework!!! And that’s why she’s so amazing.

Here are just a few photos we’ve collaborated on:

This particular image pushed the entire team to the limit. And that’s why this milk bath shot will always be one of my favorites!

Portrait Photography by LaKaye MbahKishinna, thank you so very much for pushing me and trusting my vision. I admire your strength, beauty and most of all your courage. You are an incredible person who brings light to everyone around you. I’m looking forward to working on more projects with you and watching your career soar!

Kish Foxie-Fields

Wow LaKaye! This is the first time I’ve seen this post! Thank you so much for such sweet, kind and encouraging words! But you my friend deserve all the credit, you are an amazing photographer and you inspire me to perfect my craft! I’m so blessed to have worked with you and that He allowed our paths to cross!! Xoxo




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