Tales From the Set – Search for Hampton Roads Makeup Artists | Pt 1

My friend and phenomenal makeup artist, Kishinna Fields, recently moved to Florida. Jacksonville’s gain is definitely my loss! My business is all about making women look and feel beautiful and so much of that is in having gorgeous makeup applied by a professional. I love collaborations and coming up with ideas with another person. It’s what fuels my creativity! So naturally, I’m on the hunt for a new makeup artist muse. This search has brought to light just how invaluable having a trusted artist is.

A good makeup artist shows up on time, can apply colors to a variety of skin tones and ages, collects money and then leaves. A GREAT makeup artist does so much more!  A great artist brings creativity and vision. She may point out some things that can be improved and will stay on the set not out of obligation, but to make sure her work looks its best. A great artist doesn’t mind holding fans or reflectors or taking behind the scenes shots. A great artist wants to grow and is as dedicated to her craft as I am to mine.

There have been three artists so far who have helped me grow tremendously. They provided a sense of calm to my clients and especially to me. I love them and I want to express to them how much they mean to me. I’m dedicating my first blog post to the woman who was there for me at the start of my career when I was in Baltimore: Wendy Williams. Here is some of our work together: Wendy has an amazing spirit and she’s such a great friend. Together, we practiced our crafts and photographed her best friends from high school several times. She trusted me to photograph her engagement photos, wedding ceremony and her first adorable daughter. Her trust in my abilities and her friendship meant so much to me and encouraged me to pursue my passion!


Screenshot 2014-03-25 16.54.18Family Photography by LaKaye Mbah Photography

Thank you Wendy for everything!


Thank you doll for giving me my first start and for being apart of the biggest moments of my life.

You’ll always be my favorite! (Shhhh!)




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