Celebrating Women with Mother’s Day Portraits

This week kicks off a series of special Mother’s Day posts for my blog. I will feature portraits of the women who helped shape my life as well as a few recent clients I’m photographed who are awesome moms. These won’t be long posts- I don’t feel like getting all sappy and emotional! If that happened, these posts would never get done! LOL! So I will tell you what I love most about each one of these amazing ladies and show you some fantastic photos of them! Deal?

These posts will appear in no particular order, but of course, I’m going to start with the woman I refer to as Soul Mamma Number One. Here is my favorite photo of her:

Loretta - My Mamma


I have to tell you guys this…my mom HATES taking pictures! I mean hates it! I don’t have many photos of us together as I was growing up and I think the only professional photo we’ve taken together was when I was an infant. Luckily, I convinced her to take a few photos to celebrate her 70th birthday last year and she brought her friends along. They had a blast but my mamma gave me a hard time! LOL. I took it with a grain of salt and now I have gorgeous photos of her that show how vibrant and active she is.

Buuut…that’s not the point of this post!

What I LOVE MOST about my mom is that she is super supportive. No matter what I’ve decided to do, from moving out of state, to starting a business, she has always encouraged me to be independent and to follow my dreams. I took her supportive spirit for granted until I spoke with several people whose parents just don’t understand. (Had to drop a Fresh Prince reference to keep it light and un-mushy!)

Here are a few more:

Glamour & Boudoir Photography by LaKaye MbahLoretta




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