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Kristy’s International Flair | Alias Session | Baltimore, MD

undefinedundefinedHere’s another one of my gorgeous friends, Kristy. She supplied and applied make-up for all of the ladies who were photographed that wonderful summer day at The Living Well. We were so very thankful for her!

Kristy’s session required a little more thought because I really wanted the illusion of her belly-dancer self touching palms with the geisha. I won’t go into details, but it required a stunt double and outfit changes! Speaking of outfits, the kimono was a heck of a find from a yard sale in Waverly. I think I paid two bucks for it. I also bought a ten speed bike that I haven’t ridden yet, but the kimono was an awesome find. Kristy went all out on her outfit. She brought the awesome wig and you can’t tell but under the kimono, she has on long white socks and little wooden shoes. LOL!

Kristy had a lot of cute photos from her session and I hated to just use the two that formed the combo. So, I included the additional images on the side to give more visual interest.

Thanks Kristy for the make-up and thank you to TaKisha Edwards for the hair.

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Terri Mitchell

Do you shoot alter ego photos? If so, please let me know. Thanks

Hi Terri!

I shoot my version of them! I will send you an email to let you know more about the service!




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