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Introducing the Godmothers!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, my next post is dedicated to two special ladies. My mother was a single parent, but I was raised by several “Mammas.” In fact, I have two Godmothers whom I adore.

My Godmother, Anne, has been around all of my life. I’m sure she and my mother had several conversations about dealing with me as a teenager. She’s the sweet Godmother who always knows the right things to say and offers sage advice.

Godmamma #1
Godmamma #1

My Godmother, Vernell is a riot. I credit her with talking my mother into allowing me to have any kind of social life in high school. She’s who I went to (and still do) for advice on men…she keeps it way real! LOL

Godmamma #2
Godmamma #2

These two women have been extremely influential in my life. They are wonderful community servants and role models for all young women they meet.

As I mentioned, my life has been shaped by several strong women and I photographed several (but not all of them) with my mother last year.




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