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Hana’s Badasssss Alias Session | Baltimore, MD

undefinedundefinedHere is my girl Hana, aka Gi Gi. Every time I look at her Alias photo I crack up. Out of all of my friends, she’s the one with the three distinct personalities. She has a very serious all-business side that she shows at work and at school. Then there’s the sassy vixen who’s only allowed out on weekends. Her revolutionary side is ever-present, but hidden behind her innocent smile. The revolutionary is who keeps the businesswoman motivated and the vixen in check!

She came prepared with a few outfit choices and I supplied the scene-stealing dashiki. I’m pretty sure the yellow dress is a shirt, but she worked the heck out of it! LOL. The idea for the poster came together while I was editing and trying to figure out which personality to put front and center. I had a blast searching through 1970s Blaxploitation posters and coming up with catchy phrases to add to it.

The hair (other than the afro) was done by TaKisha Edwards and the make-up was done by Kristy Tomlin.

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Foxy Brown ain’t got NUTHIN on Ms. Hana in this dashiki! Love it! Great job photographer and model. Who knew all those foxy sides were hiding behind the conservative facade?! 😉

It was my pleasure. It was so much fun!!!


You have such a way with words! I LOVE IT! I really feel like you capture the essence of me. Thank you for picking me to be apart of your series… Of course you know me. Would I really have it any other way… Wink Wink =)




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