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When my good friend Nache’ asked me to be on her podcast, I literally jumped at the chance. It was a spur of the moment as we were both looking for distractions from the elections. In coming up with our discussion topics, we decided to leave politics out of it. Which is hard considering tomorrow will be one of the most impactful days we’ve witnessed in decades…

We landed on Personal Development as a topic and ended up discussing a topic I know VERY well; schooling and education. I’ve been to every type of school and I’ve attended online courses and in-person lectures out the wazoo. What can I say? I love to learn. The great thing about this podcast is it made me slow down and be grateful for the learning experiences I’ve had and appreciate how I’ve gained so much from each of them.

We discussed why traditional schooling is important, and why it might not be for everyone. We also discussed decisions that go into returning to school and how we’ve both benefited from our college experience. We walk you through other forms of education to include masterclasses, books, and podcasts—of course, we provide you with a list of some of our favorites.

There are some key points I wish I’d remember to chat about that affects many of my students. It’s about choosing to major in something that you love. So many parents still prevent their children from studying art because of the perceived notion that art careers aren’t in demand. I know parents do it out of love, but guess what?  I’d like for them to consider that when the pandemic hit, people turned to art more than any other media. People entertained themselves with videos, took photos daily, and decorated their homes in record numbers. Not to mention visiting websites and watching talented artists on Netflix and other streaming services. Art is ALL around us. It’s time for parents to make creative kids feel safe in that decision.

OK, I’m off my soapbox about that. 

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