Goal Setting, Productivity Systems, 2022 Word of The Year on Studio 78 Podcast

Have you declared your goals for the new year? How about creating a system to stick to those goals? If you’re working on it, check out the podcast episode with Nache’ Snow and I where we flesh out our plans for the year.

Short Episode Description: Benjamin’s Franklins quote, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” essentially means preparation is key to achieving greatness. And you, my dear reader are great! Nache’ Snow and I discussed why we chose a color and word of the year. We then chat about the importance of creating a plan, what productivity systems we’re using this year, and how we plan to stay on task. We end the discussion with valuable tips to help you have a successful year.

Title: 144. Goal Setting, Productivity Systems, 2022 Word of The Year

I really enjoy being on this podcast with my dear friend, Nache’. Prior to the episode, she “forced” me to listen to the show we recorded where we outlined our goals in detail. Boy! Was I way off course. But the beauty in having my goals out in the open is that it helps me rededicate myself to achieving them. Take a listen and let us know what your goals are for 2022 and what system you’ll be using.

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