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Elegant Portraits of My Mom & Her Friends

For many years, my mother has maintained a close knit circle of friends – I admire each and every one of them.  Their regal beauty and style throughout the years has never ceased to amaze me.  They are some sharp dressers!

For my mother’s birthday, I wanted to give her a memorable party, something she could “keep” with her, so I decided to invite her closest girlfriends over for a portrait party.  My mother, Loretta, along with five of her girlfriends joined myself, my niece, Alana, and my daughter, Maya, for a day of pictures, food, drinks, and fun.  With a makeup artist, Brittany, onsite, each of the lovely women were glammed up and then given their chance to shine in the studio.  I can’t begin to describe the joy I felt taking these women’s pictures!  I have looked up to them for so long.

They definitely prove that age is only a number, but beauty is forever.

Vernell Battle Kilpatrick

I can’t stop admiring my Girlfriends and “I”! Can’t wait for my Coffee Table Book>.

Linda Nwanneka Mbah-Agbazue

Awww so lovely.




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