Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with Latisha

Want to see what happens during one of our photo shoots? Here's a glimpse featuring the gorgeous Latisha Motley, with Alicia Toole on makeup and hair. Video by AnneMichelle Productions. Portrait photography by LaKaye Mbah at my studio in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Part of the joys of moving back to my hometown of Hampton Roads is reconnecting with good friends. Tisha and I were best friends in middle school and I hadn’t seen her in decades. She moved around the country, then I moved to Maryland and we lost touch. Through the magic of Facebook, she found me online and we did a shoot together. It was so much fun and oddly enough it was like time never passed. We had a great time at the shoot and here is some behind the scenes footage.

Makeup and Hair Styling by Alicia Toole
Video by Michelle Fancher




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