Portrait Party Info

Are you getting excited about your upcoming Photo Shoot yet??? Here’s some information on how to book your special session:

How do I schedule my session?
Visit the reservations page: http://www.lakayembah.com/boudoir-party/ and choose your payment type. I will contact you by email to confirm receipt and begin the next phase.

Who can attend the session?
All women, regardless of size, shape or age can have photos taken. My focus is on making you look glamourous and beautiful. Sessions are booked on a first come, first served basis. Please email me with any special requests.

Where will the session take place?
Photo parties take place in one of the gorgeous local hotel suites unless otherwise noted. Complete location details will be emailed to you prior to the session.

How do I get my session for free?
If you get three of your girlfriends to sign up under your name, your session fee becomes a print credit that you can use towards your portrait purchase.

How and when will we see the photos?
After your session, we’ll set up a time for a photo viewing party where you can view your photos and make your purchasing selections. Depending on the season, this could be two to three weeks after your session. If you’re outside the Hampton Roads area, we will conduct the session by phone or skype.

More questions? Take a look at the Q&A page where I’ve answered lots of questions, or email me directly at info@lakayembah.com.