Here are some common questions I’ve been asked lately about my sessions. In the event that I’ve left off a head-scratcher, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

|Q| What can I expect during a typical portrait session?

While each portrait sessions is unique, there are a few commonalities that you can expect. Portrait sessions last anywhere between 1-2 hours.  The goal is to capture you at your most natural for the best results.

I shoot mostly using natural light, preferring to take advantage of the afternoon gorgeous afternoon glow. Most shoots will take place about 2 hours before sunset. Outdoor photos taken between 10am and 3pm often produce images with harsh, unflattering shadows.

*A special note about baby photos. Always remember that the baby is in control! Make sure the baby is well rested, well fed and happy. Don’t force your child into an outfit that he or she hates or finds uncomfortable. Actually, it’s a good idea to prepare a coordinating outfit for the adults because sometimes it’s easier for the baby if the parent is in the photo too. It may take the little tyke a while to adjust to a stranger, but I’m extra patient, so don’t worry.

|Q| What should I wear for my portrait session?

You should bring your most flattering and comfortable clothing. You should also avoid displaying brand names, bold patterns or wearing clothes that are so trendy that they’ll be out of style next season. Think TIMELESS!

You’ll notice that many photographers ask that you don’t wear all black or all white. We do this because in order to get great skin tones, white and black often lose detail in the editing process. In addition, these colors often highlight lint, pet hair and spills.

For families & couples who may want to coordinate their looks, try using a unifying factor like khaki pants or jeans with everybody wearing a solid top with a different color. Or choose a unifying color that fits the mood of the shoot- greens for spring, reds for holiday photos, etc.

You may change clothes as many times as you want during your allotted session time, however 2-3 outfits are recommended.

|Q| Do you have a studio?

Not at the moment, however I am searching for the perfect space in a growing arts district in Baltimore. In the meantime, I take my show on the road-using Baltimore’s scenic parks and cityscapes as a backdrop. I also shoot in-home portraits and can set up shop at my home at your request.

|Q| How should I prepare for an in-home shoot?

Don’t stress yourself out by running around and trying to clean everything before an in-home shoot. Instead, select 1 or 2 of your favorite areas that fit the mood of the shoot. A brightly-lit room with gorgeous windows is great! A blank wall is fine! The goal is to have a clean background or if something is in the background, it looks good. For baby photos, I will probably take a trip to the nursery or playroom. Because of the space required to set up, I will not set up a background unless specifically requested.

|Q| I live in DC/VA/NC. How will you be able to have me as a client?

I travel to these locations frequently and every effort will be made to arrange in-person meetings and to find a mutually agreeable session date. Also, many tasks can be handled online, such as online proofing and purchasing. Out of state bookings require a non-refundable 25% deposit.

|Q|How do you edit your photos?

I shoot with reckless abandon. Truth is, digital photography has made it easier to keep on shooting without the need to stop to change film. So, my first round of edits usually involves removing images that are out of focus, too dark/too light and generally unflattering. The remaining images are edited for color and contrast only to for client proofing purposes.  Once you have made your selections, each image is carefully edited to remove blemishes, lint spots and to add a creative touch.

These are the images you see in my online portfolio.

|Q| What are digital proofs?

Digital Proofs are watermarked, low-resolution files that are easily viewed on the web. They are available to clients to select favorites for print either online or mailed on CD for $10.

|Q|What are digital negatives?

Digital negatives are full-sized images that have been edited for color and contrast.  You can share your digital negatives, however they are not optimal for printing because they haven’t gone through the final rounds of edits. Remember-all images purchased directly from me are fully edited and printed on superior quality paper. They are included in all wedding packages to offer for the bride & grooms piece of mind.

|Q| Who owns the rights to the photos?

The photos are yours, however I retain the full copyrights. Which means that your image could appear on my blog, website and in printed material unless you expressly request that they aren’t. You may not edit, crop or make any other adjustments to the photos without written consent.

|Q| How long will it take to receive my proofs?

Depending on the time of the year, you may not receive your proofs for up to 3 weeks after the shoot. I try everything in my power to send them within two weeks, and can manage a quicker turnaround during the slower seasons. But I’m a 1-woman show and that’s not always possible.

|Q| How many images should I expect?

For portrait sessions & events, expect to view 50-75 images. For weddings, expect roughly 500 images.

|Q| I have more questions, what do I do?

Please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to take your new question into consideration!




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