How to Prepare for a Model Headshot


Headshots for models are a little different than business portraits. Occasionally I have model calls where I’m building my portfolio and I have a special procedure for these types of photographs.

Each shoot will feature up to two models, working individually and together with the photographer through multiple lighting setups. Each model receives at least 2-3 (possibly more) finished, retouched images for their book and comp cards.

Finished images will typically be available within three weeks. Images will be available for download.

 What to Wear

I typically shoot different lighting setups and a few different looks. The idea is to keep it simple but versatile. If there is a specific look you’re going for, be sure to discuss it with your photographer a few days prior to the shoot.

Please Bring:

  • jeans (black jeans if you’ve got ’em, no rips), black pants
  • tank tops (white, gray, black)
  • tube tops or strapless bra for beauty shots
  • heels, sandals, boots
  • accessories like sunglasses, scarves, and hats (from fedoras to toques)
  • one wild card outfit, that really represents your style

Makeup: Please come to the shoot with a clean face: no makeup. If you have sensitive skin, please bring your own make-up for our artist to apply. Unless otherwise noted, the makeup artist will apply natural-looking makeup and progress to a smokier eye. Make sure to paint your nails and toenails in a neutral, flattering tone.

We work on creating fashionable images that aren’t overdone. The look needs to be usable for comp cards, but still, be versatile enough for some shots to be fun and others to be sexy. If the makeup needs to change slightly during the shoot, a progression would be the way to go.

Here are a few samples I’ve collected from my Pinterest Mood Board. If you see anything on the mood board that is similar to something you have, please bring it. To see more, visit:

Screenshot 2015-02-18 13.05.01Screenshot 2015-02-18 13.05.23Screenshot 2015-02-18 13.05.37

 Studio + Schedule

Because of the time, it takes to prepare for the model shoot, sticking to the call time is very important.
Double-check the address and always call if you need directions or are running late.

Please contact me to be added to my list of potential campaign models.




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