Studio Vision | Virginia Beach, VA

Soooo, I just moved to Virginia Beach! Hooray! When looking for a place to rest my head, I had three criteria: A bedroom for my daughter, hardwood floors and a space big enough to shoot in. On a secondary list, I prayed for a bright, airy space with windows for natural light photography and a blank wall to use instead of a backdrop. I also wanted it to be a separate space for client meetings and sales sessions.

My daughter has a bedroom-a tiny one- but it’s all hers. I lost out on hardwood floors, but I do have ceramic tile and that’s the next best thing. And my studio space? I LOVE it! I can’t wait until I have my first official session. I’m planning on making it a neutral, tone-on-tone space with lots of texture. I’ve been collecting ideas on Pinterest (I’m mildly obsessed with that site) and I created a Studio Vision Board.

It’s a wreck right now, but I did manage to take a few shots before I moved anything in. Here are some before photos. 


Lakaye, so you’re a mother. I often think of you and your mom. I still have photos of you visiting my hpme in Suitland, MD. You look the same as your childhood photos. It’s been forever, but I still think of you and your mom. I was very delighted to read your comments. Lisa is with me, Jennifer’s in NY. Mitchell, well. difficult to talk about. Surprise Loretta for me. Matti


Yay!!! So….which room is mine?? Lol

All of them! 🙂




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