New Projects and New Goals

Just a few days ago, I was chatting with a good friend who helped me come up with an idea for a photo project so exciting I couldn’t sleep for two days. All day long I poured myself into this project. I pinned images, I researched, I wrote a doggone thesis. It was a very exciting time.






See, I started researching and realized that there are tons of photographers out there doing their thang and perhaps I wasn’t gifted or special enough to have people like my project. I don’t didn’t consider myself an artist, so why would anybody care, especially since there are millionaire photographers who are younger and more talented than I am.

That, my friends, is called negative self-talk, laced with fear and insecurity. And I almost fell prey to it. Nobody would get anywhere if they listened to that ghastly voice. So, I’m pushing past it, and I’m going to make my artistic vision a reality. I’m studying my favorite artists and learning what I like and what I don’t like in order to create a personal style. I’m brushing up on my photoshop techniques. I’m putting myself out there for mass critique. I AM GOING FOR IT!

So, in the next coming weeks, I’ll be posting the details. I’d love to hear your feedback and I’ll be soliciting your participation too.

And because every post deserves a great photo, here’s one of yours truly in New York City, taken by my friend and personal paparazzi, Melanie!




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