I never thought I was beautiful…


I never thought of myself as beautiful. There, I said it. For years I’ve been encouraging women to express their inner beauty and forget industry standards. But I never recognized it in myself…

Until I got pregnant with my daughter, Maya.

During that time, I never felt more beautiful. I think fondly of that time and I wonder what allowed me to feel beautiful then and not at any time before when I was smaller, with no stretch marks.

And I think the answer is because I allowed myself to just be. I stopped being hyper sensitive about my looks and concentrated on the baby. I wasn’t the mom who stepped on the scale every day and got sad when I gained a pond, because I knew I was gaining healthy weight for my baby. The result was, I ate only when I was hungry, I allowed myself to reduce my stress and I never once thought about sucking in my stomach. It was an amazing experience.

I took the above photo of myself in my baby’s nursery and I never felt sexier. I felt like a lioness! My takeaway from this is we should all just allow ourselves to relax. Stop being hyper-critical. We are beautiful now!




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