i have some great friends!

I’m going through this transition from full-time employee to all-time freelancer. It’s not a lonely journey thanks to the help and support of some really good friends.

My homegirl, Kelly, of Kelly Blue Yoga, took me

to dinner to explain the ins and outs of business record keeping. Now I have my very own big a$$ binder that I plan to fill with important business info in the new year. Hana, who survived a similar situation, gave me a lot of useful tips for staying sane and is one of my biggest champions. Nache of Creative Route is a web developer and graphic designer who not only allowed me to photograph her wedding, but also stayed on the phone with me for two hours while talking me through the development of a good website. Thanks to her persistence (and bossiness!) my new site will be up & running by January 6th! I’ll keep you posted on the development. Last but not least, my diva friend Wendy is making big moves in the make-up world. We plan to collaborate on several projects in 2009. I encouraged her to sign up for a blog today because she has tons of great info to share about being fierce! So when that’s up, I’ll share.

I just want to show gratitude for their help & support.




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