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Unless you live under a rock, you know that Barack Obama has made history as the first African American President (elect). I remember attending the February rally in Baltimore and being utterly euphoric and transfixed on every word this man was saying. He moved thousands of people to an uproar and sometimes to complete quiet as we strained to hear every single word he said.

Well, last night was momentous for this racially-divided country. My niece and nephew- who have never voted or had interest in politics called me last night to express their joy and to tell me about how much they enjoyed going to his recent rally in Virginia Beach.

Another niece, away at college studying to become a lawyer, voted by absentee ballot and also called me. My mom, who with her giant afro and dashiki participated in sit ins in the rural south, called me immediately after the announcement to express her joy. She must have been happy-it was way past her bedtime.

Each one of my family members called me independent of each other and I called the people who I loved while they were also receiving calls. I can only imagine this type of excited communication was happening for thousands of family members all over the country (and in Kenya too). And it let’s me know that this election has had a major impact and I’m proud to witness this newfound history.


HELL YEAH!!!! I’m STILL calling people re-narrating the whole Nov 4jubilation!! Atill pinching myself…I expect it will take a while to fully sink in, but we have all the time in the world, hopefully 8 years : )




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