Mini-Session Information

Anything pint-sized is fun! Here’s how to prepare for your cute lil photo session with me. Please review the entire document to make sure you haven’t missed anything!

Clothes ‘n such:

A mini-session is just about enough time to fully explore one outfit within the 30 minute window. However, to change up some looks, you may consider wearing a coordinating jacket or scarf that you can take on and off. And don’t forget accessories like cute hats and jewelry. You don’t want to go overboard here-your smiling face is the star. But, tasteful accessories (or big & gaudy how I like em’!) is the way to go! Most importantly, avoid busy prints and logos that will date your look in a few years.

Also, if we’re outdoors, we may be walking a bit to take advantage of the scenery. Please bring flip flops or sandals for walking if you prefer to be photographed in heels. Also, for the ladies, I always recommend wearing a little makeup, even if you don’t usually wear it. My suggestion is at minimum, lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara. If you’d like to hire a makeup artist, just let me know. I have information for a few GREAT ones in your area.

If you’re trying to coordinate family outfits, my personal preference is to coordinate and not “match”. For instance, have your family wear shades of blue and gray. Or fall colors, etc. I have a great board of ideas on my Pinterest page. Take a peak!

Screenshot 2015-08-27 22.51.51

For the kiddos:

I STRONGLY encourage you to bring a soft stuffed animal or a toy that coordinates with your child/children’s outfit. Or something with special importance. Sometimes they need to have something in their hands for a distraction and that’s perfectly OK. If bribery works on your kids, then you may consider bringing smarties or a similar candy that won’t stain or make their mouths turn colors.

For babies, I suggest you arrive a little early and feed them and make them otherwise as happy as humanly possible before the shoot.


Please try to arrive a little early and stretch your legs and breathe some fresh air :).  I will have my assistant greet you and he/she will bring you to where I’m shooting or point you in the right direction. The designated area will usually be at the opening or in a parking lot near where I’ll be shooting.

Your session day and time will be emailed to you. Please confirm and make sure I didn’t make a mistake with your booking. Hey, it happens…


Payments for mini-sessions are a flat fee of $175. You can choose to pay in full prior to the session or pay a non-refundable deposit of $50 and pay the remainder the day of the shoot. I will be able to accept credit cards, checks and of course cash on the day of the shoot. Your deposit will hold your space. Sorry, but I will not be able to do the shoot without your full payment on or before the session day.

Every effort will be made to honor the session time and date. If it looks like it will rain, I’ll do my best to find an indoor or covered location. Or, we can get brave and take out the umbrellas! It may be necessary to change the time to avoid inclement weather. I will make every effort to give as much notice as possible and pay close attention to the forecast. In the event the session is cancelled due to severe weather or another catastrophe, all money will be refunded within fourteen business days. Select your preferred payment option below.

Payment Options

After the shoot:

I will pick the best 10-15 photos to upload to your private gallery. You will choose your images for the special print package created just for the participants of the mini session. There will also be the option to buy additional photo products, like beautifully framed wall art, gorgeous canvas gallery wraps and keepsake books. You will have two weeks to make your purchase selections before the gallery expires.

Please feel free to text me or call me at 757-309-1760 if you have any questions. I’m easier to catch by text because I’m usually shooting during the day and unable to get to the phone right away. You can also email me at

I’m TOTALLY looking forward to seeing you!