Loretta’s Party

Update (9/6/12)


We’re so excited about the Photo Party to celebrate my mom’s birthday! As my gift to her and you, I’m photographing you as a group and individually.

The session will begin at 3pm (you’re welcome to come earlier if you like) and the portraits will be on a first-come, first served basis. It will be great if you stay all day. The photo parties are fun and relaxed and everybody has a good time. The group photo will be toward the middle of the sessions (about 5pm) Please let me know if you have time contraints that will affect the timing of your session.

What to Wear

Please bring the following four outfits:

  • Black top & bottoms or all black dress
  • All white or pale neutral top (white, cream, silver, pale rose) & coordinating bottoms
  • The prettiest, fanciest or sexiest outfit you own
  • The outfit you would wear to your birthday party
And the following accessories:
  • Coordinating bracelets, necklaces & earrings
  • Strapless bra (If you have one)
  • A blazer, shrug, shawl or jacket of any color or style
  • A pair of natural looking false eyelashes
  • Foundation that closely matches your skin tone

Before the session:

  • Visit the hair salon or bring a wig. Choose a style you love. If possible, soft, flowing curls that frame the face is preferred.
  • Paint your nails & toes. Clear is fine.
  • Shave anything that needs shaving.
  • Starting a week before the shoot drink lots of water, avoid added sugar, reduce your intake of starchy foods.


I will email each of you a link to your folder with the best images and a printing release. You will be able to make prints from any lab you wish. If you prefer, I can upload your photos directly to the Walgreen’s online cart and you can select the size and quantity of your prints. With your permission, I will also post your photos to my website.

Feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions!