Photograph Your Passions

Looking for a good excuse to take photos? How about to document your passions? Have photos to show what you really love-your hobbies, your loved ones, yourself…

Megan is a violinist, music teacher, fitness enthusiast and loving wife. We decided to photograph her in a pale pink princess wedding gown for no other reason than it was fun, unexpected and she fit into it perfectly! Dominique, my favorite stylist, worked Megan’s hair into a regal updo and we shot with natural light. Kishinna did an amazing job of creating a soft and feminine makeup look for Megan.

Ball gown and violinPortrait Photography by LaKaye MbahPortrait Photography by LaKaye Mbah

The idea behind the shoot was a newlywed bridal session. We borrowed gowns from Great Neck Florists on Virginia Beach Blvd and had a ball trying them on Megan.

The second set of images are a little more saucy. We wanted to show off her sassier side and their passion for each other.


Portrait Photography by LaKaye MbahPortrait Photography by LaKaye Mbah


Her shoot was done in collaboration with Reset Your Crown and you can read all about her on my sister-site: Reset Your Crown.

Kendria Thompson

Wow! These are stunning shots!! I especially love the up close and personal photo with the violin. ?

Thank you so much Kendria!




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