Nache and Astral’s Fun Professional Headshots

Nache’ and her best friend, Astral needed some relaxed and fun professional headshots for their new business venture. Together, they’re launching a website that will highlight their mutual love for design, fashion and food. Even though they’re not from the area (Nache’ lives in Maryland and Astral lives in Chicago) they decided to do a photo shoot at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to take advantage of the fantastic weather and colorful buildings.

Business partners Fun business photos at the oceanfrontBusiness partners Fun business photos at the oceanfrontFun business photos at the oceanfront

Modern Portrait of Astral Riles from Astral Riles.comPortrait of Nache' Snow from Tallook.comPortrait of Nache' Snow from Tallook.comModern Portrait of Astral Riles from Astral Riles.comVirginia Beach Oceanfront- Business Profile PhotoVirginia Beach Oceanfront- Business SelfieVirginia Beach Oceanfront-Tandem Bike

Check out their blogs:
FindAFashionTruck.com: A directory of mobile boutiques all over the US
Tallook.com: Tall Fashion Blog
AstralRiles.com: Girly modern-contemporary chic…with a hint of rustic

Makeup by: Alicia Shaw


    Tallook: Tall Fashion | Handmade Bags

    My number one photographer! For those who don’t me I am stiff as a board so it took some work to get me to show movement. lol




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