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My Family-Mt. Trashmore Park, Virginia Beach, Virginia

You read it right, I took my family to a place called Mt. Trashmore for photos. It’s not as bad as you think. It doesn’t smell and there are no piles of trash anywhere.

When I was a little girl in Virginia Beach, it never occurred to me that out-of-towners would find the park’s name funny. It was and still is an awesome park with a huge hill that will tire out any kid. Next time we go, we will have a kite flying contest; the top of the hill is the best place on earth to go fly a kite.Anyway, here are some photos of my gorgeous family. I can’t believe how my nieces and nephews are growing up and having their own families. Who knows how they keep getting older and older, while I grow younger and more beautiful each year. πŸ™‚


My niece Ciani, Donte and Jourdan Noelle

If you can resist this face, then your heart is made of stone!!!

Jourdan, Nina, Alana, Ashley (on the phone calling her hubby, my nephew, who is late for the shoot!) Anthony and Ciani.

My niece Alana, who tweets all day and night! πŸ™‚

Alana and her friend from college, Lesley.

Cutie Patootie Nina Boo!

Anthony, Ashley and Kris

The guys! Drazey, Anthony, Jontre’, Kris, Donte

My great niece Tiniya could only stop by for a few minutes. Kris is her daddy.

I love how they’re making the exact same face!

LaKaye Soulstice Mbah

It’s time to take new photos! I wish I had thought about this before Ashley left. Ugh!

LaKaye Soulstice Mbah

I just looked back at these photos. Family, it’s time to take more! Maya isn’t even in them. Let’s set a date for this month.

khalid samuels

LaKaye, OMG…. I am very impressed with your work. This is one of the best work i’ve seen. Keep up the great work. And maybe you can teach me some of your tricks. lol Peace and Love

BEEEEEAAAUUUUUTIFUL family and photos, Ms. Lady!!! I especially like the jump shots. The only thing missing was a shot of the BEAUTIFUL photographer lady herself! πŸ™‚

Thanks Elle! (Blushing)


The pics are great….loving em!!!!


&& Jourdan looks j\JUST like her daddy!! :(… lol


OMG!! I love the pictures!! we all look so great!!!


Awesome pictures; what a beautiful family!

@Alana Yes simply gorgeous!
@Ciani I think she looks like both of you!
@Donte Thanks! Glad you like!

It’s official! I have the best looking family on the planet. πŸ™‚




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