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Ms. Govan | Hampton Roads Portrait Photographer

I’m very fortunate to have several wise women in my life. For as long as I can remember, my mom has had a close-knit group of sister friends that have supported each other through thick and thin. My mom’s closest friend is also one of my Godmothers. Yes, I have two, but Anne was there first. I’m planning a special photo session with all of my mom’s sister-friends in September, and I plan to talk about each one, but I couldn’t wait until then to post a few of these cute photos I took on a recent visit.

This is Anne and her mom. Ms. Govan just celebrated her birthday and it’s such a pleasure to be around her. She is something else! She always cracks me up with one of her comments that nobody sees coming and I pray that I’m still funny, loving and warm when I get to be her age.

Janine Harris Stewart

These are beautiful mother-daughter moments they will treasure forever. They make me want to hug my mom and daughter a little tighter today.

Loretta Hr-Gazeti Kahn

Wow! What wonderful pix of Anne and Mrs. Govan, and what a wonderful tribute you’ve planned for my friends and me.


Omg these are so beautiful!!

Thank you Raven! They’re wonderful ladies, aren’t they?

LaKaye Soulstice Mbah

Here’s my Godmother and her mom.




next one

As beautiful. As you are.