Hello LaKaye, Ms. Bryant, Shared with me this photo you took of her family, which is so natural and beautiful. I went further to read your writing of “Why You Love Photography”. It was so refreshing and unique to read how you take people in their most comfortable surroundings to make them relaxed in being photographed.

To CDixon: Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I really do love photographing people and I hope it comes through in my work. Thank you for looking!


My family is absolutely beautiful!


AWWWWW! My family is sooooo beautiful. This pic should be in Essence magazine or something! I love it:) Can’t wait to see the rest!

Hi Kimberly, aren’t they a gorgeous family?


I had a great time and you did a marvelous job. I can not wait to get the pictures back. I never thought I’d have so much fun taking pictures. Great job La Kaye!!!

Hey Quinton! Thanks so much! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much on a shoot. Thanks for being so game to try anything, even catching an 18 year old mid-air! 🙂


OMG! I can not tell you that we talked about you and our experience all through dinner. We had a fabulous time today and can not wait to see the pictures. Everyone, she is the best photgrapher and so personable. We had a blast! Let’s do it again! You know the “baby” is ready-she was fierce! (Smile)

I had a great time too! And yes, the baby was beyond fierce!




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