Don’t be ashamed of your story

Your story will inspire others

I’m still working on this one. In fact, this is the inspiration behind me blogging more and sharing some of my favorite quotes. For the friends and lovers who have known me, a few have been more than a little exasperated by my intense privacy. Some call it a wall or a shield. Or reserved or guarded or yadda yadda yadda. Whateva you call it, I realize that I need to drop it just a little so that the world can know the real me.

The truth is, I’m very silly when you get to know me and I enjoy, I mean truly enjoy corny jokes. I also love star wars. That’s only a snippet of my story.

Here’s a little more about the real me:

• I’m not the typical girl who spends tons of money on clothes and shoes…I spend 90% of my extra money on camera gear and computer equipment.

• I like chocolate. a lot. Meaning, my favorite frozen yogurt combination is chocolate froyo with brownies, oreos, hot fudge and a dash of nutella.

• I chickened out of my 10 year high school reunion – and I regret it.

Thats’ all the sharing I can handle for today. Ya know…I’m still working on it. I know it’s not the stuff that inspiration is made of, but I have some stuff in the works and when it goes well, I’ll share the hell I’ve been through to get there!

I’m much more interested in hearing other people’s stories and I think that’s what attracts me to people photography. I like to try and visually tell the story of the relationship between a couple, or a family or the relationship you have with yourself.

So, what’s your story?




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