Be Beautiful

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Clients and women everywhere, this one is for you! I’ve shared previously that I never really felt beautiful until I was pregnant with my daughter. Yes, I felt a little hypocritical telling clients to ignore their flaws and let me take their photos when I couldn’t do the same.

All that changed when I found some photos of myself from a few years ago when I was a little younger and a lot more self-conscious and thought then that I wasn’t good enough. I stared at those photos for what seemed like hours because I was a little hottie and I didn’t even know it. All of a sudden, it clicked! If I was beautiful then and I didn’t recognize it, then I’m probably still beautiful.

It was like a lightbulb literally went off in my head. I immediately called a former flame and asked him why he didn’t tell me how hot I was when we were together. And you know what he had the nerve to say? He said that no matter how many times he said it, it wouldn’t matter until I believed it myself. How dare he be so spot on? LOL

Well, I’m choosing to believe it now and I hope you do too.




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