Celebrate Your Engagement or Anniversary with Couple Photography

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s not all about the kids. When was the last time you took photos as a couple? Maybe you only have cell phone “usies”, but those won’t look great printed and displayed in your home. Or maybe it was your wedding day years ago. While the wedding day is about capturing the entire event, (scenery, details, special activities, out of town family) why not spend lil’ time having fun together getting relaxed photos to display in your home.

 It’s a beautiful date night!

Glam The Couple (Studio Session) – $175
Photoshoot with makeup and styling 
Wardrobe Consultation and In-Person Photo Premier

Paint the Town Red (Outdoor/On Location) – $275
Choose a location that’s special to the two of you!
Wardrobe Consultation and In-Person Photo Premier

Prints and products are sold seperately. 

Yes! I shoot weddings. The images are lovingly displayed on my sister site:
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