random sunday thoughts

hey there cyberspace and future customers! i’m almost done with my first wedding book. bank ach department i’m a big fan of white space and i’m trying to keep the layout simple. now my challenge is blending black & whites with color. i’m so glad my bride is so patient with me because i still […]


wish i was here

Park001, originally uploaded by soulsticecity is back. i’m sitting in bed, sick as a dog and avoiding designing a wedding book that’s stressing me out. the client is a friend AND a kick ass graphic designer, so the pressure is on. i wanted to look at some photos that made me feel like i was […]


stepping into “new” territory…

Hello all, I’ve been doing photography for a long, looong time. Almost 15 years! And I’ve just now gotten to the point where I’ m seriously thinking about bank ach department making this my full-time career. I’ve let all kinds of things sway me away from it; Excuses like “I’ll end up hating photography if […]

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