Goal Setting, Productivity Systems, 2022 Word of The Year on Studio 78 Podcast

Have you declared your goals for the new year? How about creating a system to stick to those goals? If you’re working on it, check out the podcast episode with Nache’ Snow and I where we flesh out our plans for the year.

Black Married Couple In Love

All Black Photoshoot

Why all black? Black symbolizes mystery, elegance, and power. I invite you to indulge yourself with a beautiful portrait that’s just like you – one of a kind. After the year we’ve had, don’t you deserve a little luxury? These mini-sessions take place at my studio on February 5th & 6th. Space is limited in […]


Guest Appearance on Studio 78 Podcast

When my good friend Nache’ asked me to be on her podcast, I literally jumped at the chance. It was a spur of the moment as we were both looking for distractions from the elections. In coming up with our discussion topics, we decided to leave politics out of it. Which is hard considering tomorrow […]


Truth and Vulnerability

If I had to choose an animal to represent me, it would be a Phoenix. I go through some super tough times and I somehow manage to fly out of the fire. Then…I experienced the most painful time of my life that I could imagine.

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