Miss Kelly | Yoga in a Blue Dress

Kelly is one of my closest friends. You might see her appear on my blog from time to time because she allows me to practice new photo techniques whenever the mood strikes.

She’s an awesome model and now that she’s a yoga instructor, I can have her do all kinds of twists and turns and she’ll hold the pose until I get my lighting right.

You can find out about her yoga sessions on her blog Kelly Blue Yoga.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” I think this applies to us. Thanks Miss Kelly for your continued support!

Here’s a photo from one of our sessions.


Outstanding. What a beautiful picture!

Thanks Maurissa! I have a big shoot this weekend at The Living Well and I can’t wait to post those photos!


La Kaye…this is an awesome shot. You are an amazing photographer..

Thanks so much! Kelly is an awesome model though. She made it easy! 🙂


These pictures are incredible. I love every shot.
What a joy viewing. Pure joy.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Thanks so much for the comment. I was asked to remove the post. So I’m replacing it with another one. Hope you like!




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