All Things Pink

There was a time when I wasn’t a big fan of pink. I was more of an orange girl. I had orange walls in my house, an orange coat, an orange camera bag, plates, socks…you get the idea. But right around the time when I was registering for gifts for my baby shower, things began to change. Now, all of a sudden I had pink everywhere and I became a fan of all things frou frou and girly.

Especially tutus! I don’t consider myself to be especially crafty, but I’ve spent a lot of time in fabric stores in the tulle aisle dreaming of the color combinations for my next home made tutu. And while I didn’t make Maya’s tutu for her first birthday pictures (I got it for 8 bucks at the Hallmark store of all places) I really love it and plan to keep it on permanent display in her room until she’s old enough to move out!

The tutu that my great niece, Jourdan is modeling is made up of pink AND orange, so you know it’s a favorite of mine.

Pretty baby in pink tutuPretty baby in pink tutu up closePretty baby in pink tutu smiling and holding candy

Cute kid in pink tutu smilingCute kid in pink tutu with arms on chinCute kid in pink tutu with big expressive eyesCute kid in pink tutu picking flowers


Oh My Goodness… Maya you are so adorable. Auntie Tiff miss you.

What a little cutie:)Beautiful photographs!!


Absolutely beautiful!!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these pictures of Jourdan and Maya !! They are so photogenic ! Great photography Auntie !!!





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