March Food Photos for Urbanite

I admit that I’ve been concentrating a whole lot on portraits and weddings this past year. But another one of my favorite subjects to shoot is food. Glorious, delicious, decadent FOOD!

This first photo is from The Diablita Cantina in Harbor East. This cute little eatery opened not too long ago. The atmosphere is very cozy and feels well-worn, like a pair of great shoes. There are lots of familiar Mexican entrees on the menu, as well as unexpected ones like the pulled pork empanadas shown below.

I used to work in the Hamden area and I never realized that The Dogwoood had such an intricate and artistic interior. I mean somebody REALLY put

some thought and effort into the decor. And as you can see, they plate their food with the same amount of care and panache. The staff there was really friendly (Notice I don’t say that about all the places I shoot at). I will be adding The Dogwood to my list of romantic date night spots for sure!

You can read more about these places on the Urbanite’s Website.




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