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Trying something new | Double Exposure Portrait with Flowers

I’ve been reading a new book by one of my favorite photographers, Zack Arias┬ácalled Q&A and in it he talks about the importance of photographers taking on personal projects. I haven’t taken many photos simply for the pleasure of shooting in a while. I have a ton of ideas on my pinterest board and I […]


The Evolution of Lisa | Alias Portrait Session | Baltimore, MD

What can I say about my girl Lisa? She is stunning…Like stop traffic stunning! Instead of showing different sides of her personality, we decided to show different phases in her life. Of course she was a fly girl in her youth. Then she became a busy mother on the go. We were cracking up trying […]


Kristy’s International Flair | Alias Session | Baltimore, MD

Here’s another one of my gorgeous friends, Kristy. She supplied and applied make-up for all of the ladies who were photographed that wonderful summer day at The Living Well. We were so very thankful for her! Kristy’s session required a little more thought because I really wanted the illusion of her belly-dancer self touching palms […]


Hana’s Badasssss Alias Session | Baltimore, MD

Here is my girl Hana, aka Gi Gi. Every time I look at her Alias photo I crack up. Out of all of my friends, she’s the one with the three distinct personalities. She has a very serious all-business side that she shows at work and at school. Then there’s the sassy vixen who’s only […]

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