Author: La Kaye Mbah

LaKaye Mbah is an editorial portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Hampton Roads. The Virginia Beach native received her Bachelor's in mass media arts from Hampton University, which eventually led her to establish her own photography company, Soulstice City, now LaKaye Mbah Photography.

Guest Appearance on Studio 78 Podcast

When my good friend Nache’ asked me to be on her podcast, I literally jumped at the chance. It was a spur of the moment as we were both looking for distractions from the elections. In coming up with our discussion topics, we decided to leave politics out of it. Which is hard considering tomorrow […]


Truth and Vulnerability

If I had to choose an animal to represent me, it would be a Phoenix. I go through some super tough times and I somehow manage to fly out of the fire. Then…I experienced the most painful time of my life that I could imagine.


Save the Date for my Thesis Exhibition!

This Spring I will graduate from Norfolk State University with my MFA-Master of Fine Arts degree. Please mark your calendars to come and celebrate with me on Thursday, April 23rd. Yes, it’s Something in the Water weekend, but that’s all the more reason to come celebrate a local Hampton Roads artist. I will be displaying […]

Artwork by Woodrow Nash:

Artist Inspiration: Woodrow Nash

I try to stay off of Facebook as much as I can. Not because I don’t like it, but because I like it too much! It sucks me in and I stay at my desk scrolling and scrolling for hours while barely blinking. Sometimes, three or four hours could have passed before I’ve even looked […]

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